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Modulators, pulse transformers and power converters

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Leading expertise in high power electronics

The Quantum Group delivers, based on world-leading expertise, solutions in the field of high power electronics. Main products are modulators, pulse transformers, and smart DC transformers which TQG can design, produce, and test. Additionally, TQG has a complete design software and methodology that can easily adapt our products to different customer requirements. Compared to current market standards, TQG can supply more compact and cost-effective solutions with the same performances. 


Our current customers are the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Germany and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. We aim to expand our market of modulators and pulse transformers to other areas beyond research; such as medical applications like radiotherapy, x-ray cargo scanners, radar systems and pulsed electric field applications for the food processing industry. Regarding our smart DC transformers, these will aim to facilitate local integration of renewables, batteries and DC consuming applications such as green hydrogen production and fast charging stations for EVs. 


Don't hesitate in contacting us to learn more about our products and the exciting journey that we envision for our company!


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