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High Voltage Pulsed Power and High-Power Supplies have a variety of applications in research and in the industrial sector. Our success in delivering these solutions to scientific facilities has enabled us to partner and to start discussions with potential customers in the industrial sector. Read below about the different areas we can help and do not hesitate in contacting us in case of interest!


Electricity supply for scientific facilities is of great importance to achieve accurate and competitive research. Particle accelerators and fusion energy applications for example require high power levels with good quality to ensure their correct functioning. TQG can offer solutions in this area in the form of power supplies and power converters with a power range of a few kW to several MW and voltage levels from a few Volts to hundreds of kV. Among these TQG can offer custom solutions for high precision magnet power suppliers and high voltage power supplies for radio-frequency amplifiers such as klystron modulators.

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Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is a treatment applied to food processing that uses short pulses of electricity on food for improvement purposes. This includes reducing pre-processing steps, lowering oil absorption, killing bacteria, and enhancing crunchier textures. This process is also preferred over other alternatives since it is proven to cause minimal detrimental effects on food quality. You can encounter this application in the production of potato chips, food oil, juices, etc. TQG can offer pulse transformers, modulators, power factor correction units (PFCs) and prototyping for companies in this field.

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Radars use modulators to generate pulses that travel at a constant velocity and in this way, determine locations of different elements. Large-scale radars require high power and high voltage short pulses to perform this function accurately, so there is enough time between the emitted pulse and the received one. TQG can produce these modulators, or alternatively, the high voltage pulse transformer which is the main sub-component.

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Medical Linear accelerators (Linac) are used in radiotherapy to customize high energy x-rays and destroy cancer cells. Linacs require radiofrequency (RF) sources based on klystrons and magnetrons which are powered by pulse modulators. TQG can develop the entire pulse modulators or alternatively, the high voltage pulse transformer which is the main sub-component.

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Linear accelerators are used in cargo scanning to ensure that shipping containers do not contain illegal or undeclared goods. The x-ray cargo scanning is composed of a radiofrequency (RF) structure that contains a source, vacuum pumps, modulator, HVDC power supply and other elements. TQG can produce the modulators required for this application and the necessary power supply elements.

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The production of hydrogen is a key innovation in the energy transition toward more sustainable modes of production. Hydrogen is expected to increase its relevance in solutions for the automotive industry, heavy duty transport, ferries, steel, cement, and gas turbines. TQG can develop power supply systems to produce hydrogen with higher efficiencies, and lower costs thanks to the use of modern power semiconductors and regulation algorithms.

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